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"Building Tomorrow's Leaders, One Campfire at a Time."

Great Adventure Camping Trip


"Visionaries Today, Trailblazers Tomorrow."


"Unity in Diversity, Strength in Teamwork."


"Transforming Challenges into Opportunities."

Our Impact

The Great Adventure Camping Trip experience is a transformative journey of fun that empowers youth and their families to discover their potential and achieve their goals, while fostering leadership & teamwork, communication, and craftsmanship skills.

Join us for the Adventure of a Lifetime

Upcoming Events & Trips

July 19 - July 21           Location:TBA

Joins us on a weekend of adventure full of fun, team building, full course meals, performances, learning, and intervention. We'd love for your family to be apart of GACT 2024

Join Our Community

Empower Youth & Families

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